Crushing Lapu-Lapu Mobile Legends: Top Tips!

Battle Basics

Let’s look into the story of Lapu-Lapu today. He is very tough and has techniques that can kill you. It’s a big problem that you let him mess up the ground. Get ready to become the dominant player you were meant to be as you learn how to control this powerful hero. Let’s talk about some ways to beat Lapu-Lapu and get great wins in Mobile Legends.

Smart Moves to Take Down Lapu-Lapu in Mobile Legends

If you play Mobile Legends, Lapu-Lapu is a tough opponent because she has powerful strikes and good survival skills. But what do you know? No one can’t be beat. If Lapu-Lapu is making things hard for you on the battlefield, here are some smart ways to fight him. Here are some tips:

Use Ranged Heroes

Lapu-Lapu is good at close combat, so it’s smart to fight him with heroes that hit from afar. Lapu-Lapu can be hit safely by heroes like Kagura, Zhask, or Lesley, who can do a lot of damage. You are less likely to get hit by Lapu-Lapu’s weapons if you stay away from them.

Make it harder for Lapu-Lapu to move around

Lapu-Lapu is fast, especially when he uses his Brave Stance skill. To deal with this, use heroes that can make it hard for him to move. Your team should have Chou or Selena who can stop or limit Lapu-Lapu’s moves. This will let them take charge and control the game.

Put up a strong defense

The Lapu-Lapu is a real danger up close. Build strong defense items like Blade Armor or Athena’s Shield to make your magic or physical defense stronger. Getting stronger helps you fight off Lapu-Lapu’s hits, giving your team a chance to fight back.

Put together an organized team

Playing Lapu-Lapu by yourself is hard, so get a group of people who can work together. Plan strikes, let each other know where Lapu-Lapu is, and work together to kill him. You can beat Lapu-Lapu more easily if you have a good plan and work together.

Stop Lapu-Lapu from farming

Lapu-Lapu gets cash and strength from farming. You can stop him from farming by hitting him while he’s away. Stop his growing and make it hard for him to get gold. He will be less strong in later fights if you slow down his development.

Heroes to Take Down

Lapu-Lapu may be a strong hero, but even heroes have flaws. Check out these strong heroes to fight Lapu-Lapu on the battlefield:

Chou: Chou is very good at beating Lapu-Lapu. With his blocking and movement-stopping skills, Chou makes Lapu-Lapu less mobile, leaving him open to attack. Chou’s ability to dodge attacks and deal a lot of damage all at once changes the game.

Selena: As a Mage/Assassin, Selena quickly kills Lapu-Lapu. Selena is in charge of the game and can surprise Lapu-Lapu with deadly attacks because she can see Lapu-Lapu in Abyssal Trap form and use strong combo skills.

Helcurt: Helcurt’s power makes Lapu-Lapu quiet. Darkness Assassin stops Lapu-Lapu from using Brave Stance, and Helcurt’s ultimate makes it dark, which makes it harder for Lapu-Lapu to see.

Lesley: The Marksman Lesley beats Lapu-Lapu from afar. Lesley can dodge Lapu-Lapu’s direct VTBET attacks while dealing a lot of damage thanks to her high critical damage and long-range attacks.

Jawhead: The Fighter hero Jawhead stops Lapu-Lapu with his brute power. Jawhead throws Lapu-Lapu into your team with Ejector, which stops him from moving. Jawhead’s powerful strikes put a lot of stress on Lapu-Lapu.

Nana: Nana, a Mage/Support hero, does a good job of holding Lapu-Lapu back. With Molina Smooch and Molina Blitz, Nana makes Lapu-Lapu a weak cat, which leaves him open to attack. Lapu-Lapu’s powers are limited by Nana’s ability to stop him and lessen his damage.

Picking heroes is a good way to beat Lapu-Lapu and gives you a strategy edge. Remember that both individual skill and working together are important for winning. To win big in Mobile Legends, you need to know what Lapu-Lapu’s weaknesses are and what your heroes’ powers are.

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