Leg Exercises

The Starting Point

Because heart disease can kill you, you need to take proactive steps to avoid getting it. Physical activity for the leg exercises has been praised by both doctors and social media stars like @tirta_cipeng as an effective way to lose weight.

“Who has never forgotten to work out their legs? Good job! Because a study in a journal says that working out your leg muscles can greatly lower your risk of heart failure!” He shared @tirta_cipeng on Twitter.

Dr. Furqon SA Pradana, a heart expert, talks more about the link between strong legs and a lower risk of heart failure after a heart attack in a video that he shared.

How Important It Is to Have Strong Legs

Myokines peptides that released when your lower limbs are strong, especially your quads. These drugs lower the risk of heart failure in part by stopping the heart from changing shape. The chance of getting sick can drop by as much as 41%. So, it is highly suggested that you do strength training routines like squats.

Leg exercises improve blood flow to the heart

Dr. Renan Sukmawan, who is the head of the Department of Cardiology and Vascular Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia (UI), says that working out your leg muscles regularly is good for your heart and blood vessels.

When the heart and blood arteries get more blood flow, peripheral resistance, or blood pressure, goes down. In addition, doing measured workouts with your leg muscles can help them get stronger.

Participating in regular physical exercise also helps collaterals form, which are new blood vessels that connect heart artery branches.

Why collaterals are important for heart health

When someone has a heart attack, Dr. Renan says that well-formed collaterals lower the risk of problems like heart failure. For this reason, collateral flow can take over for the flow that stopped in the coronary blood vessels during a heart attack.

When you do workouts that strengthen your quadriceps muscles in your legs, you are basically improving your heart health all around. This change happens because of things like vasodilation, more nitric oxide, and smooth muscle in blood vessels that relax more.

Exercises That Work Your Leg Muscles

For strengthening your legs, Dr. Renan suggests a number of routines. Besides specific exercises for the legs, jogging, swimming, and riding are also good for you.

“Doing these things will definitely make your quadriceps stronger and improve the flow of blood to your heart and arteries,” he says.

People with heart failurestill urged to work out, as long as they do it while their medical conditions are stable. The goal is to stop cardiovascular diseases before they happen, keep complications from heart problems like heart attacks to a minimum, and eventually improve clinical outcomes and prognosis.

So let’s get moving, not only to keep heart diseases at bay but also to reduce complications during heart-related events and, most importantly, to improve clinical results and prognosis.


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